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On May 20th , students earned the chance to attend the annual Eagleswood Amusement Park trip!What
students met the challenge?? Each year, this special trip challenges students to earn stars in order to be in the
TOP 25 students that will be able to attend. Each day, 2 stars may be earned by all students in the school. One
star is awarded for completing all work from that given day, and another star is awarded for maintaining good
behavior throughout the day.
The top 25 students that earn the most stars will be able to attend the trip on May 13th. With only 25 spaces
available, students will have to be at the top of their game in order to secure a spot on the list.
Each year, students anticipate this trip the most. The Eagleswood Amusement Park offers many attractions,
such as a full arcade, go-karts, miniature golf, and plenty of rides to keep the students occupied with big smiles
on their faces.
Scenes from this year's Eagleswood Amusement Park Trip. Go-Karts! Rides! Fun for all! Can you meet the challenge??
Certain days of the month will be filled with field trips designed to enhance the classroom learning and take students to places that visualize the things
being presented in the classroom. Students are able to earn the chance to attend these trips as they come up during the year. It looks like the trips
being booked so far will be both fun and educational for all that attend!
HERE for more information and pictures from present & past field trips that students have attended!
Many of us enjoy the perks of summer at the shore! But, as many are enjoying the sun
and surf, CLC Atlantic keeps our students engaged in learning & participating in a
variety of field trips during our 6-week Extended School Year program. From July to
mid-August, students that attend the ESY program continue their studies in areas
such as language arts and math. Also integrated into the ESY curriculum are field
trips that enhance what is learned in the classroom. These trips are both educational
and fun for everyone involved. We have two trips a week, one educational and one
"fun" activity, that students are able to attend. As you can see, it was a great summer
program this year that made many memories for staff and students alike!

HERE for more information on CLC Atlantic's Extended School Year program!  
Mr. Simmler's computer literacy class has some good ideas for their morning breakfast. During the 3rd
marking period, students were faced with the task of making their own cereal boxes. Using Microsoft Word
and their own imaginations, students were asked to come up with a cereal that looks like a real one, but
using a famous African American celebrity on the cover. Students were taught to insert pictures, crop out
images, and add details to make their cereal boxes look as real as possible. With ideas such as "Obama
O's" and "Nicki Puffs," the students had a fun time putting together their inventions as well as learning
more about the various programs covered in their technology class.
HERE to see some of the student ideas, as well as other technology projects from the year.
Each month, the students are presented with a challenge:  can you write a winning essay?? Our Essay of the Month
contest encourages students to write on a given topic & try their best to win a free lunch if their essay is opportunities to
write and win for their essay.
On October 17th, 2012, students visited the U.S.S. New Jersey, a retired battleship now residing on the Delaware
River in Camden, NJ. We took a tour of the entire ship and learned about it's history & saw many interesting rooms &
mechanics that make up the ship. America's most decorated Battleship is now the area's most exciting museum,
open for tours, events and overnight encampments. Exploring “BB62” is experiencing history in a whole new way. Not
only do you see exhibits of artifacts from the ship’s past, but you are put into the exhibit as you go through the tour
route. Sit in the chair from which Admiral Halsey commanded the fleet. Stretch out on the bunks where the sailors
slept. Climb into the 16” gun turret and learn how the projectiles were loaded.From the moment you step across the
ship’s brow you will understand that this is a museum where visitors take an active role. From strolling across
forecastle to climbing the original ladders up to the bridge, and beyond, each step in your journey brings you closer to
understanding what life was like for a sailor on the Battleship New Jersey.
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The students have been impressing us all with their artistic abilities. Since September,
the art across the curriculum classes have been busy integrating program brings
concepts and ideas that have been discussed in each classroom & finds creative ways
to help enhance the learning by coming up with projects that reflect this knowledge.

Lately, students have been involved in several projects. In December and January,
students took part in creating snowmen centerpieces for a CLC seminar. Using mason
jars and beads, students took part in creating these winter-themed decorations. Also,
students have created paper mache masks and Easter eggs using balloons and a
flour/water mix. After drying, these paper mache projects were painted in a variety of
color based on a certain topic or theme. The students enjoy free drawing time to
express themselves.

All these projects and more can be seen
HERE! Make sure to check back throughout
the year and see what new and exciting creations fill up the hallways.
(left) Students visit the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum on the Atlantic City boardwalk! (right) A scuba diver
at the Atlantic City Aquarium explains the sea life in our area.
Glassblowers at Wheaton Village show
their art of their craft!
Amusement Park in West Creek, NJ!